Western Historical Painter. Although Don specializes on works of the old west, he also does some exceptional wildlife paintings.

The Northwest's leading award winner, the name of Crook has been called 41 times for "Best of Show" achievements. These honors are all the more impressive when you consider the fine artists that he competes against and the quality of western art shows attended.

He has been commissioned to do many important paintings, among them "The Spokane Indian Wars" and "The Modac Ware Series" for the Favell Museum in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The "Trail of Tears", an accurate rendition of the historical move of the Cherokee, was commissioned by the Bowles agency, Nashville, Tennessee. Don was recently commissioned to paint the mural for the state of Oregon and the city of The Dalles depicting the end of the Oregon Trail.

An award winning painter from Washington State, Don has been successful at various shows across the United States. He has won "Best of Show" awards in the M.O.N.A.C Show in Spokane, Washington, the National Western Art Show in Ellensburg, Washington; and the Western Artists of America Show in Reno, Nevada (with the Gold Medal in Acrylic, three years in a row). His winnings also include the Favell Museum Ward for "Best of Show" and "best of Show-Public Vote" at the C.M Russell Art Show and Auction in Great Falls, Montana (two consecutive years); and "Best of Show" at the American Canadian Classic Show held in Billings, Montana. Additionally, Don was the last winner of the Kalispell Western Art Show. In 1992 Don won the "Best Painting" award at the Russell Show in Great Falls, Montana (the 3rd time in ten years).

Perhaps the most important honor given to Don Crook was the prestigious "Heritage Award" presented by the Favell Museum. The "Heritage Award" becomes even more important when you look at the list of prominent artists who have been given the honor.Some of the recipients are Frank McCarthy, John Clymer, Bev Doolittle, Mort Kunstler, Russ Vickers, Ray Swanson, Harvey Johnson, Jim Daley and Dave Manual.

Don has just finished a three year project that included a ten foot by twenty foot mural each year. The three paintings were painted for the Kittitas County Fair at Ellensburg, Washington. On the 4th of July, 1998, Don Crook was awarded the President's Choice for "Best of Show" at the St. Paul's Rodeo Art Show, St. Paul, Oregon.

Don Crook is known as the "Norman Rockwell of Western Art" and has earned this reputation by painting everyday experiences that people can relate to. His paintings are sold throughout the United States and Canada. Many prominent citizens across the country own Don Crook paintings, among them Denver Pyle, famous movie and television personality, and Charlie Pride, Country and Western Superstar. One of Don Crook's works hangs in the Governor's mansion in the State of Nevada.

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